Board Memberships

Current Board Memberships

  • Retirement Centre Birsfelden Foundation is one of the largest retirement facilities in Switzerland and operates 170 beds as well as a day and night centre with around 200 employees. Member of the Foundation Board and Head of the Finance Committee (since 03/2023).
  • Varia US Properties AGa SIX listed real estate company with over USD 1.3 billion invested in over 31 properties (multi-family housing) in 13 states in the USA; member of the Finance Committee and Head of the Compensation Committee (since 6/2017)
  • Helpany (Sedimentum AG):, a start-up with around 10 employees, specializing in AI (artificial intelligence) based room surveillance for secure home living, especially for elderly people. Helpany is currently in the process of establishing its presence in the US market (since 6/24/2020).
  • BE electric AGan electrical installation company which is specialized in electrical installations, service and maintenance, telematics and multimedia in the greater Zurich area with over 60 employees. The BE electric AG is part of the Maréchaux Group, which employs over 900 employees (since 15.05.2020).
  • Glas Müller AG: a privately held company with over 20 employees, which focuses on glass processing for interior and exterior construction and operates a distribution for bathroom furniture and mirrors with (since 9/2017).
  • Qualibroker acquired IBC Insurance Brokerage and Consulting AG in 2010, where Stefan Buser was on the board of directors. Qualibroker is an insurance broker operating throughout Switzerland and employs around 250 people (since summer 2022

Former Board Memberships

  • RMB Group, Chairman of the Board of Directors, a company held through private equity which specializes in modern workplace, cloud transformation and data centers with over 100 employees (since 3/2018) The RMB Group is an interdisciplinary specialist in building technology, specifically in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and sanitation. Operating nationwide in Switzerlad, the RMB Group employs around 200 staff across 8 locations. In September, the private equity firm eevolve joined as a partner with the RMB Group to further develop the company collaboratively. As Interim CFO, I was responsible for financial leadership in all matters during this period, and since the arrival of CFO Marco Schmidt on March 1st, 2024, I continue to support the RMB Group as needed.
  • Netrics Holding AG, Chairman of the Board of Directors, a company held through private equity which specializes in modern workplace, cloud transformation and data centers with over 100 employees (since 3/2018).
  • Bühlmann AGa privately held timber construction company with around 15 employees. The cooperation was terminated after more than 10 years in 2016 due to the successful handover to the next generation (2006-2016).
  • Truninger-Plot24, a privately held company with around 100 employees at over 10 locations in Switzerland, which focuses on information management for the construction industry (12/2012-01/2021).
  • Swiss Quali Quest AG, a start-up company which has developed its own innovative engine for SME assessments of customers and employees (09/2018-09/2020).
  •  Various assignments in Boards of subsidiaries and pension funds with CFO roles.
  • Assignments in own companies.

Consulting & Coaching


Core topics in the line and in the consultations were:

  • Corporate Governance topics (Organizational Regulations, Visa Regulations, Risk Management, Internal Control System, Structure of Controlling / Reporting)
  • Leadership issues (management organization, key performance indicators, leadership rhythm, decision-making processes and decision-making basis in the form of profitability calculations, compensation systems with variable remuneration)
  • Succession plans, M & A, evaluations, integration, turnaround / reorganization, spin-offs related to acquisitions, preparations for IPO
  • Accounting issues (commercial law, Swiss GAAP FER, IFRS, accounting organization and digitalization of accounting)